Prescription Allergy Medications

Explore our selection of allergy treatments ranging from epinephrine (EpiPen) to seasonal allergies. For known anaphylactic reactions, let us prepare you for all situations with an EpiPen on hand. For general allergies, our prescription eye drops will combat your symptoms not relieved from over-the-counter options. Discover our collection today and let us help proactively address your health needs.

  1. Ketorolac
    Generic For Acular
    starting at $19.99

    Ketorolac is a topical, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to decrease eye inflammation and itching due to allergies. It improves symptoms of allergies by blocking prostaglandin, a substance that is released in response to an allergen.

  2. Epinastine
    Generic For Elestat
    starting at $119.99

    Epinastine is a long acting, prescription eye drop used to relieve itching and irritation associated with allergies. With only twide daily application, it blocks the release of substances present in response to allergies to decrease inflammation during and after exposure.

  3. Prednisolone
    Generic For Pred Forte
    starting at $34.99

    Prednisolone 1% is an eye drop used to treat mild to moderate irritation, redness, and inflammation. It is an ophthalmic steroid that provides relief by blocking the pathways causing swelling and the inflammatory response, addressing symptoms that may be left unresolved from over the counter options. Prednisolone serves as the drug of choice for a variety of conditions including allergies, irritation from foreign objects, and infection when treated appropriately.