The foundation of effective weight management is living a balanced lifestyle based on wholesome nutrition and regular exercise. However, prescription weight loss medication can be a powerful assistant for individuals wanting to boost their weight loss journeys.  

TelyRx wants to help you embark on a successful weight loss journey with the support of our comprehensive products. We offer injectables that will give that extra push to help you get started and continuous glucose monitoring to interpret the way your body processes certain eating habits. In combination with healthy eating choices and exercise, you can take control and achieve your weight loss goals with our weight loss treatment products. 

Furthermore, TelyRx prioritizes your privacy, convenience, and swift access to care. By simply filling out a questionnaire, you can get a prescription and receive your medication without leaving your home. No insurance? No problem. TelyRx offers affordable pricing options, ensuring effective weight management solutions are accessible to all. 

  1. Wegovy
    starting at $1,424.99

    Wegovy is used for chronic weight management in individuals with a BMI of > 30 kg/m2, or a BMI of > 27 kg/m2 and weight associated comorbidities, including high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Wegovy is injected under the skin once weekly with a total duration of therapy of up to 16 weeks. Therapy can be discontinued soon if desirable results are achieved. Follow package instructions upon receiving the product.