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Imiquimod Topical Cream
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Imiquimod is topical prescription indicated for the treatment of genital and perianal warts. Imiquimod enhances both the innate and the acquired immune systems and thereby stimulates a response against abnormal skin cells, which are then eliminated through the body's own mechanisms.

  • Apply a thin layer to external or perianal wart area and rub in until cream is no longer visible
  • Continue until there is total clearance of the genital/perianal warts or for a maximum duration of therapy of 16 weeks.
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  • Imiquimod Topical Cream Side Effects

    Imiquimod topical cream potential side effects include: burning, skin scabbing/crusting, dry skin, itching, flaking, oozing, pain, redness, skin sores, or skin discoloration where applied

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