At TelyRx we try to make things as easy as possible for you. If you have a question, we hope we answered it below. If not, or if you are looking for something we don’t carry, let us know what you are thinking at [email protected]

TelyRx.com is a digital platform that connects you with a provider allowing you to seek a prescription for medications via telehealth. TelyRx also offers non-prescription products that you can buy directly from our site without need for a telehealth visit (“OTC products”). For prescription drugs, once you receive a prescription and the order is processed, TelyRx's pharmacy delivers your medications directly to your doorstep through mail or courier services. If you have ordered only OTC products, your order ships after payment.
Ordering from TelyRx is quick and easy. You should be able to get what you want in three clicks. Search for medications by name or condition, select the medicine you are interested in with the dosage and quantity. In one click, your consultation information is submitted to a provider for review and prescription, if appropriate.
Reputable pharmacies like TelyRx prioritize safety and adhere to strict quality standards. We connect you with a licensed healthcare professional to help you get a valid prescription. We verify the prescription and provider before we ship prescription medications. To minimize risk, we carry only non-controlled substances. Additionally, we have encrypted payment systems and maintain your privacy by protecting your personal information.
The delivery time will vary based on the shipping method you choose. We can get it there as soon as next day depending on when your order is placed. We provide an estimated delivery time frame during the checkout process.
TelyRx offers a quick and easy way to obtain a prescription by using telehealth. Your doctor doesn't need to be in the TelyRx system. The providers who use our site review the information that you certify is accurate, and then, relying on that information write a prescription for medicine that helps with what you’re going through, if they deem it appropriate to do so in their professional judgement.
You can call us at 813-336-6619 or toll free 800-878-1660. You can also email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!
TelyRx works with leading manufacturers and licensed wholesale distributors in the United States to ensure the best and safest products are obtained for the patients we serve. This is the same way your local drug store gets its medications.
All prescriptions fulfilled by TelyRx are processed without health insurance. This allows for the smoothest process and the quickest delivery. No insurance, no hassle! This also enhances privacy – no explanation of benefits sent to your house, so your spouse, kids, or parents don't stumble across it in the mail. Even better, no information about your condition is shared with the insurance companies. When insurance companies get information, they can use it to charge you higher insurance rates.
We have licensed pharmacists available for you to consult with after you receive your medicine. You will receive extensive information with your package, but if after you review it you still have additional questions, they can help.
TelyRx can accept calls 24/7 through our corporate phone number. Calls after business hours may be returned the next day. The number to reach us is 800-878-1660 or 813-336-6619. 
Click on the person icon in the upper right hand of the TelyRx.com website. This will open a window where you can enter in your log in information. If you do not yet have an account, you can scroll down within the window to create one.
Within the log-in window you can scroll down to “Forgot Your Password”, which will then prompt you for the email address affiliated with your account. This will then send a reset link to that address.
No. TelyRx does not offer the opportunity for a patient to allow a guardian or caregiver to manage your prescription. By using our site, you are agreeing that all medications obtained through TelyRx are for your own use.
We accept credit and debit cards, including cards linked to HSA or FSA accounts. We offer an encrypted payment system that allows for TelyRx to not only protect your information but gives you the opportunity to go through this process with ease and comfortability. There will be a prompted method to use when the payment portion of your order is ready for completion.
An initial hold will be processed when you place your order, but you will not be charged until your order ships.
After you order is completed, you will receive an order confirmation to the email affiliated with your account.
Once your order is complete and in process, you cannot cancel. This is to ensure safe delivery of all medications we carry and to comply with state and federal laws.

(My prescription is currently with my doctor or pharmacy) 

TelyRx provides patients with a telehealth service that allows a patient to receive a prescription upon approval from of the healthcare professionals that have partnered with us. We also offer the opportunity to for a physician to write a prescription through our platform so ask them to partner with us!  If you have a paper prescription, it needs to be scanned and uploaded in the TelyRx system we will take the transfer from there.
We cannot fulfill expired prescriptions. All prescriptions have to be valid, so the easiest way to get what you need it to use the TelyRx telehealth service.
Although each medication is treated on a case-by-case basis, many medications can be prescribed with refills. Refills are ultimately at the discretion of the prescribing physician. 
As you approach the date when you are eligible for a refill we will send you a notification to your email and mobile number to allow you to easily authorize a refill order on our site. Keep in mind that if you are not eligible for a refill you will need to go through the prescription process again on our platform.
Sure. We understand that sometimes that is needed. People misplace their medicines, the pills get wet or damaged, or you may be going on an awesome 6 month backpacking trip through Europe. TelyRx doesn’t tell you can’t get what you need as long as you still have refills remaining on your prescription. 
You will always have the option to authorize your next refill. If you are not ready for a refill when you are prompted then it should remain in your account for as long as the prescription is valid, generally one year from the date it was first issued. You can refill it when you are ready.


After your order has been shipped, you will receive a link to track your package. You can use in information to monitor the progress of your delivery and estimate its arrival time.  
Shipping charges are added to your order based on the type of shipping you choose. We offer next-day, two-day shipping, and regular mail. When your order is delivered depends on what method you choose and on what day it ships. Expected delivery times are based on business days for orders, and exclude holidays and weekends. Two-day orders placed on Friday and shipped on Friday via FedEx 2-day shipping are not delivered until Tuesday (i.e., the second business day after shipping). Overnight orders placed on Friday before 2pm EST can be delivered on Saturday at no additional cost as TelyRx pays for the upgrade to Saturday delivery if Saturday delivery is available in your location.
No. Due to safety and regulatory reasons, TelyRx cannot accept returns or exchanges for medications once they have been shipped. Also, due to pharmacy regulations, we cannot issue a refund for medicines that have been ordered. However, if you receive the wrong medication or there is an error with your order, contact our customer support to discuss the situation and explore possible solutions. 
We do not offer the option on the website to change your delivery address after an order has been placed. This ensures the security of your delivery. If you need assistance, you can reach out to the carrier to reroute your package or have us connect you to the carrier by contacting us via email or phone.
We use boxes that do not contain the TelyRx logo. This method offers a discreet and private way to receive your medications from the comfort of your home without anyone looking over your shoulder.  
The standard shipping method is delivery via 2-business day shipping methods. We offer next day delivery in most areas.  
We only ship within the United States and only to states or territories where we have a valid pharmacy license or are otherwise legally permitted to ship. Our site prevents you from shipping to a state or territory where we are not permitted to ship.
Generally no because we do not require a signature, but carrier requirements differ sometimes. To make this process as simple as possible we always ship with the least cumbersome requirements compliant with state and federal law and don’t require a signature.
We offer next-day shipping that arrives as soon as the next business day. Depending on when you place your order, we can get the medications to you the next business day. That’s a “Faster Way to Wellness”!
No. TelyRx does not allow you to obtain prescription medications for anyone else. All prescription medications must be for your own use.
In the unlikely event your package is lost or arrives damaged, contact our customer support immediately. We have procedures in place to address such issues and will work with you to find a satisfactory resolution.  
If you do not receive your order, please reach out to the carrier and provide them with the tracking information. If after working with the carrier, your issue is still not resolved, then please reach out to us via email.
You can call TelyRx immediately at 813-336-6619 or 800-878-1660. You can also email us at [email protected].
In the unlikely event that you receive your prescription and the package or pouches have been opened or tampered with, contact TelyRx immediately for further assistance.